For 2010/2011 the American Temperament Testing Society rated Pit Bulls above 121 other breeds of dogs. Above German Shepherds. Above Poodles. Above Golden Retrievers. Probably above your dog. Yet because of an epidemic of ownership by people who shouldn’t be trusted with a hamster (let alone a 60 lb. dog bred for tenacity) they have been vilified by the media and legislated against in many states and in our own military, of which through much of our history they were the symbol!
Pit Bulls served this country’s children and it’s military with trustworthiness and bravery for 150 years, eventually earning the nickname “America’s Nanny Dog”. They have been repaid with a media smear campaign and the highest rate of euthanization of any other breed alive (an estimated 6,000 per day in the U.S. alone).
It’s time we take back this breed; from the uninformed, from the sensationalist media, from the abusers, and put them back where they belong- with kids.

This last one is my nephew Josh going native after a swim with the ever energetic Dr. Fuzz.
*(Dogs and children are an inherently dangerous mix. Know your dog. Know your child. Be smart. Everybody wins.)

*Are all these dogs pit bulls?  There is surprisingly no agreed upon definition of the term pit bull.  Go to 30 different pit bull sites and you’ll get 30 different definitions ranging from “no such dog” to “virtually any large or formerly bull-fighting breed and a few cats to boot”.  After much research the definition that seems most sensible to me is “any dog originally bred for bull-fighting characteristics but subsequently bred for pit-fighting characteristics”, hence, “any bull-dog type primarily bred with the intention of fighting other dogs.”  That includes four breeds, all pictured here: the American bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, and the English bull terrier.  The more important definition however, is “ANY DOG THAT CAN BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU UNDER CURRENT OR PENDING ANTI-PIT BULL LEGISLATION”.  By that definition, all four breeds are pit bulls, like it or not.

**The ‘pit’ in pit bull actually refers to the livestock pits the dogs once worked, not a fighting pit, and pit bulls were NEVER bred for fighting or aggressiveness themselves. Pit bulls were bred for ‘gameness’, a quality akin to bravery and tenacity which unfortunately for them makes them superior at fighting when trained to do so.


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  1. Kernan says:

    Dr. Fuzz is indeed a lucky chap. My friend Jim rescued a pit pup he found wandering in a landfill with its throat cut (probably a bait dog). I was very leery of him at first, but after five years of having him sleep on the guest bed when I visit, Dozer is the sweetest, most grateful creature on this planet . . . scary as hell looking (he has a head the size of a melon), but sweet and patient. Know your dog indeed.

    • jackie says:

      thanks for sharing, great story, I have rescue dogs, 2 of which are pits, I never really wanted a pit, but now after having 2, I must say that, when the dogs I have now pass on, the next breed that I will have is a big ole lovey dovey, silly as hell pit! and your right they have such a look about them that makes them look scarey….. but it’s just the way God made their face ….

    • Izzy says:

      I love those big ol’ heads, haha. I know they scare some people, but they’re just so perfect for rubbing and kissing. I have never met a pit bull – or any bully mix – that I didn’t want to kiss immediately!

  2. Pauletette Nichols says:

    Thank you from the bottom of our families heart. This is a message and understanding of a way of life that we have been attempting to be ambassadors for our breed and way of life for the last almost 20 years. My cousin Sarah Simpson Sweetman sent this article my way. The pictures are fabulous! We have quite a collection we are proud of ourselves. Once again thank you so much for being so articulate and sincere and for giving a voice to the sweet little four legged babies that increase the joy of life by leaps and bounds!

  3. Julie says:

    I have never seen a more loving breed of dogs, I have owned many diferent breeds, and I tell you there is none smarter, safer and more amazing then these dogs. How can you fault a breed any breed for the idiot actions and teaching of the owners. Punish the owners not the dogs!!! If you have never had the sheer pleasure of owning one of these wonderful animals, then you have no idea what they are all about. I don’t see people freeking out about poodle attacks, yet they do.

    • jenny says:

      I agree! I found a stray running down a busy street….2 months later , he is my dog! I never thought I would be kissing a pitbull–yes, I was very leary of the breed!! He is beyond sweet, easy to train,eager to please and the biggest love-bug ever! He ran to me, pushed his lips on mine, and then bounced off!

    • jackie says:

      Julie you are so right I have 5 dogs … 2 labs ( yellow & Chocolate) 2 pits ( red nose low rider, brindel mix) and 1 15lb rug rat, and let me tell you, he’s the one we have to watch …. i’m telling you its the little dogs that bite….I know I have one lol

  4. Marianne says:

    I love these pictures u have posted <3 They are "Beautiful"!!! How true this breed is so mis-understood…. And u stand correct about what u say. This breed is an Awesome breed and one of the best in the world! I own ( 2 ) and love them both dearly….. People need to understand the breed. It's the BAD OWNERS that give THIS breed a BAD RAP ( Name ) in our society… Love Breed, as they will love you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for making this article. I love Pit Bulls and I think they are so smart and loving. We need to change the opinions of many that have mistakenly chosen to believe lies about this awesome breed.

    The pictures made my day! ;-)

  6. I have 2 pitbulls in my home……I live way out in the country with no other dogs or houses nearby and they always go out on a lead or chain…. I say this because so many people say “you have WHAT kind of dogs?????” Anyway I also have 2 small children in my home and I dare anyone to try to come thru my front door and touch one of my kids or grandkids!! These dogs sleep with us, play with the kids and are always watching for anything out of the ordinary!!! We love them and wouldnt have it any other way!!!

  7. Laura Prowicz says:

    “going native” – I’ll have to remember that one. I love your articles. keep ‘em coming.

    btw, did I mention that I love you?? :-D

  8. LeAnna Escobar says:

    Thank you!! They are some of the best dogs out there! It’s the stupid people who don’t deserve them that give them a bad name. Like you said know your dog

  9. Bbygurls momma says:

    I love this I fell like my pit is the best breed she is just a sweet heart I dnt like how some ppl look at me for being a bad person for allowing kids to play with my pit she is not mean!!! I love all the pittys out there!!!

  10. renee cox says:


  11. Allyson says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I own a pit & he is my favorite breed of dogs. Many of my friends even favor my dog, over theirs. He’s a big snuggler, just lik in these pictures! He sleeps with me everynight. If I’m in teh computer chair for too long he will get lonely &whine until i let him on top of my lap (even tho he’s way too big & makes my legs numb i let him)! He is extremellly loyall! He was actually attacked by another pitbull who was raised wrong & didnt even bite back, just sat there as we fought the other dog off! Yet when an intruder came in my yard he barked & gave him a warning snap in their face to protect me but did no harm! My cat literally will beat him up because my dog just wants to play & stands in front of my cat wagging it’s tail while my dog does nothing back! I totally agree you should punish the OWNERS they brainwashed the great breed into a vicous one!! <3

    • Heather says:

      Glad to know mine aren’t the only ones who are “lap dogs”… I have 2, and they are the biggest snugglers!!! I am leery with them around children, but not because of their disposition. Its simply a size issue. My “baby” is 95 lbs… that’s double most of my friends’ kids. I let them play when I’m around and can watch them. With any one else, though, they’re just giant stuffed animals. Pit bulls are intelligent and silly and sweet, and it kills me that people are afraid of their breed. I’m glad there are people who are trying to change the misconception that follows the pit bull name. (As I type, I am using one as a pillow and one as a laptop desk. Hardcore killers, hah!)

  12. Laurentia says:

    Thank goodness for you and your great article! For years, I was terrified of this breed because of bad information. I have since become a convert – and a vociferous one, at that! Pitties are a gorgeous, wonderful breed victimized by stupid, ill-informed, greedy people. Keep up the good fight!

  13. steph says:

    Bullies are the best breeds they love my 2 yr old and watch over him they love to snuggled .its the ignorant human race and laws and judges that let them those ignorant people get away with the mistreatment of animals.

  14. Jamie Anderson Crocker says:

    I couldnt agree more . I love my pitt as if she was a child and trust her completely with my nieces, family and friends. My thoughts on all the negative is zip it and give them a chance. Think about all the negative things you hear well they all have a story behind them that you didnt hear I promise.

  15. I have raised two loving pittbulls. I was at first leary due to the media hype but I did my homework and even talked to my vet first who said, “they are the sissy breed of the dog world”. I have pictures of them playing with the kids; dancing, playing dress up…and cuddling with each other and yes with the CAT too. They are by far the best dogs that I had owned very loyal, loving, and highly obedient. Because of their obedience and willingness to please their masters sometimes MAN uses them as a tool to harm others.

  16. Joni says:

    Our Pit is our second child (next to our 11 year old daughter). After rescuing our first Pit who had to be put down due to Cancer, it took us four years to get over the grief and get another. Having another one in the house just reiterates the LOVE and JOY he brings to us. I got teary looking at those pictures because THEY show the TRUE nature of this breed. Their love is UNCONDITIONAL! I can’t express the deepness of it. Punish the irresponsible owners, not these wonderful animals that would, will and have given their lives for their human family

  17. Dee Anna Tiemann says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! We have 4 dogs in our home… a pit, a lab, a doberman and an english bulldog puppy. Of the 3 older, bigger dogs, the pit is the sweetest, gentlest and most playful with the puppy. She is a true blessing to our hearts and family. And to most everyone’s surprise, the lab is the most agressive of them all. Dogs (all breads) are no differenthan people… they live what they learn.

  18. Svet says:

    these pics are great and of course they scored so high on temperment test I have never in my life seen a breed deal w/ sooooooo much crap not that I let them but when my nieces n nephews come to my house they will ride my dogs n smack them on the butt screaming “Pony Pony” n the 2 yr old will sit there n play vet w/ my dogs I think b/c she pulls their lips n tails n sticks her fingers in their noses n not once have they even grawl at any of the kids and one of my dogs is a rescue that was fought multiple times n have scars from it and a torn ear and had we not taken him I’m sure he wld have been put down b/c he’s a big dog n needed a lot of training for the ppl who fight these dogs they r nothing but a means of extra money I guess but in my house even the big mean looking “monster” as he has been called is the biggest softy ever n I wld never replace this breed w/ any other breed my dogs r the best babysitters ever thank god for my pitties

  19. I have 2 SMALL lap dogs, while my oldest son & his soon-to-be wife have a huge pit bull mixed with something else (I can’t remember right now what it is), who THINKS he is also a LapDog!! He is such a Lover!! If I let him, he’ll jump up on my lap & kiss me, until I tell him to get down… He’ll down a “Pig’s Ear” in just about a minute! But will NOT touch his just filled food dish until his Mommy or Daddy says “OK Eat!” Pit Bulls are Awesome – in the right hands!! — Just like Children… Children are awesome, but put them in the wrong hands of a horrible & negative person – they turn out bad…
    <3 Pit Bulls are Loveable too!! <3

  20. BRIAN GIMMEY says:

    and this is why i have 6 pits and they are the best dogs to me and my family my 4 yr old has a 90 lbs pit to him self ! and there best friends …………………………..=-p

  21. Amy says:

    When a attack is told on TV about another pit bull, it breaks my heart! I just wish that dog could talk to tell his/her side of the story! I own two and have foster more and they are one of the best breeds!

  22. James says:

    No bad dog breeds just bad owners. direct there energy the right way and train properly and every dog is a good dog. The Labrador is considered the friendlest dog, yet guess who is on the list of most dog attacks. Ranked number four last time i checked.

  23. Marlene says:

    Thank you for this article. I have 2 pitbull granddogs, one of which is living with me right now. She is a sweetheart! The kids love playing with her, she would sleep with me every night if I let her, but she is a bed hog! She stays by my side, the only time she barks or acts aggressive at all is when another dog comes in the yard. I live on a very busy street, people walk by or ride their bikes along the sidewalk, all she does it look at them. If they stop she wants to go say hello. She will lick you to death! She was somewhat aggressive with other dogs for awhile, but when she found we wouldn’t tolerate it, she mellowed out. I am sure she would protect any of us! But as long as a person is invited it, she settles right down. One of the best dogs I have had the privilege to have stay in my home.

  24. Renee Piekal says:

    I have owned many different breeds of dogs in my lifetime, from humungus (sp)?, to little bitty munchkins. Right now I have three Bichon rescues and had two before these. I guarantee you, when the day comes where I have no dogs, (and I hope that my 3 hang around for a long, long time) I will be getting a Pittie!! I have been reading and studying so much that there is no doubt in my mind anymore. I wish the whole world could see these pictures and read the comments because maybe then they would wake up!! I’ve never thought that Pitties were as bad as they were made them out to be but I’ll admit, I had some fear. Not anymore!!! If I could adopt one right now, believe me I would. Keep up the good work on showing people the real truth and I’ll do what I can from my end!

  25. Amanda Schmidt says:

    Pittie’s are wonderful. They are such a misunderstood breed. I hope people hear the message you are sending because it is a great one.

  26. lisa says:

    this post was great, saw it on fb. I own a lab/pit mix, and she’s the best dog I have ever had. People will come in my house, and some have been a bit scared when they first meet her. But everyone leaves loving her! My kids adore her! She is very smart, and love to play and snuggle! Very true “know your dog.” people who don’t know their dog shouldn’t own one. And people who abuse them should be beaten themselves. Your dog is a family member, treat them as one and they will pay you the same in return!

  27. Kate Fuentes says:

    I have 2 pits, one old; one new. Wouldn’t have any other dog in our household. Wonderful family members – I had my my pit before my kids and he has been absolutely wonderful, he is even helping to train the new pup (to his disdain of course) They sleep in our bed, go camping with us, take rides in the car, etc. Amazing breed of animals with the unfortunate mishap of receiving a bad rap. Great pics and thanks for posting them!

  28. Michelle says:

    Dog backwards spells God…and a dog can only be as good as his/her master…good master=good dog; mean master=mean dog Respect a dog and he/she will respect you. God says love all things; each has a purpose…so wen you think of a dog, respect him/her as you should each other…Love is where it starts!!!

  29. G Nace says:

    As the mom of two rescued Pitties, and one 14yr old human boy, LOL, I can tell you i wouldn’t want any other breed. The intelligence, loyalty and comedy that comes with each and every one makes them an absolute pleasure to share your life with. Though i would not recommend breaking into our home, LOL! Our cats are quite pleased with their doggy BFF’s as well…in fact our youngest cat thinks our female Pitt is his mother. Keep up the great work you do, and maybe someday every dog lover will be lucky enough to have a Pitt at home!

  30. Jacquelyn Macknight says:

    Pits are one of the most loving breeds on earth however how they end up is determined by the humans who choose them and many times in today’s society those who choose the breed want them to fight. Dogs like any other animal will be a product of their circumstances, treat it with love, give it nourishment, a nice place to live and direction and a purpose in life and it will treat you with love , be by your side in trust and fulfill it’s purpose. But treat it with pain, threats, lack of the basic needs and it will not trust you , it will become fearful and protective of anything it does have and it will fight back if confronted because it doesn’t have someone to fight for it.
    We humans control the destiny of the beings we corrupt, it is a shame we do not all love and respect those same beings enough to take care of them once we corrupt them.

    The humans need the discipline in today’s world, the animals would be fine if we had the discipline to be good humans first.

  31. JOdy says:

    I so love reading this article. I have two pit bulls that are family and curently one that I foster. I have a younger teenager and they let him kow when it’s time for bed as all of them crawl in bed with him and it’s one huge dogpile with him in the center. I don’t think he’d have it any other way when I try to get them to come sleep w/me they look at his door as if saying..”that’s where we belong.” Great article. wonderful pictures. Thank you.

  32. mary hawkins says:

    we were given a pitbull puppy, i have 2 kids ages 5, & 6. also 2 older dogs, when i took her to the vet , i asked him if i was crazy for getting a pit with having kids, he said..ABSOLUTLY NOT!!! the best thing to do is to have the kids treat her like any other dogs . with love and kindness and lots of play. our pitbull ,FAWN, was an amazing addition to our family.

  33. Steve says:

    AWESOME Story ! I wanted to share my story as well …
    CEO of the fastest growing weight loss company in the Midwest. I was educated by my grown daughter about the true nature of the Pit Bull and I can proudly say that I have rescued 2 from the shelter (where they would have been put down … just for being born a Pit Bull) and I can honestly tell you that they are without a doubt the BEST Dogs I have ever had ! I will continue to get my Pits from a shelter and save them one at a time. (wish I could save more but by spreading the truth like this … I think we all have !)
    God Bless all of you who are intelligent enough to see through the media B.S. !

  34. Emily says:

    I am a new owner of a pit bull puppy Chevy Girl who is 3 mos old. and 28lbs, shes a massive pup but I adore her she loves to sleep under my pillows (which also means my head) and stays there all night. I have a 5 year old son who rolls around with her, runs with her and when hes in the pool she stands at the side and barks at him. Shes very protective of us and we have no fear of her, but if she hears a noise a knock on the door whatever shes at attention and barks this deep deep warning bark. I couldnt imagine owning any other dog and I love her and trust her completely

  35. A week ago, I was walking my 2 old dogs thru the townhome complex where I live. Suddenly I see movement, hear a loud scream, look up and a pit bull is charging toward me and my dogs. My 10 year old Rotty mix jumped between me and the charging dog, and the fight was on. The owner, who is a total creep and jerk, came running and started trying to pull the dogs apart. Rufus, the pit, had my Jackson by the throat. Jackson managed to grab Rufus’s front leg. The other pit, female, attacked my female French Bulldog. The owner’s roommate came running with the leashes and finally I was able to rescue Jackson from Rufus, my friend rescued Strawberry Shortcake from the female pit. The pitbull owner started screaming at me, “It is all your fault! You can’t control your dogs!” Not believing this was happening, I ran with my injured dogs to my home. This creep actually, in front of witnesses threatened to kill me and my dogs if he ever caught us alone. So, police, animal control, management office, etc have all been notified, reports filed. Hopefully, this jerk will lose his beautiful pit bull dogs, and hopefully, maybe, they can be rehabilitated to be the gentle, loving dogs they can be. Jackson has to have surgery. “Shortie” is ok. I am a basket case. DOG is GOD spelled backwards. That is why DOG is man’s best friend. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • admin says:

      What a horrible story. I hope your dogs recover soon. That sounds like exactly the sort of people who shouldn’t have pit bulls… or any dog… or probably gold fish.

  36. tj says:

    Pitbulls r the only dog I will own!! They r the most loyal breed of any dog! My pit of 9 yrs died this feb, and that was one of the hardest days of my life! Pits r the greatest breed n my opinion! Rip nellie the best and most loyal dog I have ever known!!!!

  37. Adam says:

    I saw it on my friend’s facebook page and right away I had to check it out and share with the rest of my friends. Thank You for such an amazing article and the pictures. They speak the words. We have 2 of them, and they are the best family members one could ever ask for. They have so much love for us and we for them. And like so many on here pointed out, it’s not the dogs but the owners that need to be held responsible.
    Keep those articles coming!! :)

  38. shea says:

    There is no other breed <3

  39. Susan says:

    I totally agree. I am from Germany and I moved here a few years ago. They are portrayed as monsters in Germany so I really wasn’t sure about getting one but my husband wanted one so bad and he grew up with pits. We found our dog in the humane society. She was only six months old and had a huge head with a small body. She is now 2 and she is the love of my life. She loves our three cats and she will let them smack her and never even snap back or do anything. She simply knows its time to leave them alone. We also foster animals and she never has hurt a single one of them. My parents were terrified when i told them i had adopted a pit and once they met her they fell in love with her. the first thing they do is ask for lilly and go and pet and hug her when they come for a visit from germany. They even have her pic on their fireplace. Also when we play rough and she wants to chew on something, she will chew on a pillow, just to not hurt anyone of us. She is my gentle giant. she loves nothing more than laying on top of me and sleeping. She is spoiled but definitely deserves it

  40. Rosemary says:

    Lovely pictures. Irresponsible, ignorant, and just plain bad people have ruined this breed’s reputation and unfortunately, have killed many gentle dogs (i.e., Vick) and purposely bred ones that should not have been bred. Once gang-bangers get tired of this breed and the “sport” of dog fighting, perhaps the original pit will make a come back. Yes, someone could also post pictures of people maimed and killed by the breed, but the implication is that it is the breed. These attacks are the fault of stupid people who either bred aggressive dogs or were bad owners.

  41. Mercedes says:

    Thank you for sharing these fantastic pictures. I truly love the one where the little boy is using his best friend as a coloring book. It shows his dog amazingly patient and caring temperament. Please continue to post more pictures like this because we all need to be reminded of this breed’s true nature.

  42. Becki says:

    Love what you said about being “bred for tenacity”. Far too many buy into the falsehood that they were bred to be aggressive – couldn’t be further from the truth! The problem lies with the people who have pitbulls for the purpose of using that tenacity in the wrong way. I own a pet care service and have met and loved many pitbulls over the years. I have always found them to be trustworthy, fun-loving people pleasers. Like any dog, common sense rules with allowing children and dogs to interact, but the problem isn’t the breed, it’s the training – of both dogs and kids!

  43. Laura MG says:

    Any dog can be nasty – it’s all in who owns them, trains them – how they are treated. As a long time shelter volunteer I have seen plenty of small dogs that wouldn’t think twice about nipping. I’ve never had a bad interaction with a pit – you have to be respectful and careful with ANY dog you are meeting for the first time.

  44. Kim says:

    We have a mini pittie about 42 lbs. she came into my life as a stray. The day I found out I was going to have a baby I had heard all the stories about pit bulls! Scared….I tired to find her a home with no luck!!!Thank Goodness!!! She is one of the best dogs we have ever owned! I trust her completly with my now 4 year old! Which by the way..all limbs and etc..all still intact!! Lol My child rides her like a pony and he is almost the same weight as her..she lets him do anything he wants to her!!! She was sent to us for a reason! And that reason was for us to love her and learn about the true nature of pit bulls that are treated with love and respect! I now tell everyone how wonderful they are and how wrong all the sterotypes are! I just hope I can at least change a few peoples view of these gorgeous animals!

  45. kris says:

    The fist picture isn’t a pitbull…

  46. deborah ehlers says:

    This is well written and reflective article – pit bulls are wonderful dogs and this evidence makes me proud. Better than golden retrievers! Take that! I hope that this tide of negativity will abate and pits will be seen for what they are, loyal and loving animals. The most marvelous family pet.

  47. Tori says:

    We have a pit/lab mix (though to look at him the only thing lab is maybe that he’s black) who is phenomenal. We have owned many dogs over the years but he has surpassed most in attention and real caring just even in the way he looks at us. We also have a hound mix, and she is in charge, he’s just the sweetheart who backs her up and lets her get away with everything. Super dogs – a rescue worker once told me that if a crazy dog comes into the shelter it’s a sure bet there’s a crazier person at the other end of the leash. How true!

  48. Bonnie Welch says:

    Pittbulls are awsome, loving, trustworthy, protective, and beautiful dogs. They landed in the wrong hands and if ANY dog landed in the wrong hands, they would have the same results!! STOP PICKING ON THE PITBULL AND START PROSECUTING THE OWNERS!!!!!

  49. Alison says:

    I agree with this article 150%. I love the breed and have wanted one for as long as I can remember. In May the opportunity arouse. I was able to successfully rescue a handsome 9 year old red nose pitty from death row at the NYC ACC. With the dedicated support of foster homes and rescues, Jaxon is now spending his golden years living the good life in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. He went from being sentenced to death to being on a plane to meet us, his forever family. He’s a fantastic guy and although judging by his scars and missing teeth and having next to no ears, he is a big old teddy bear who wants nothing more then to go for car rides and get chin scratches. He loves to give kisses to anyone and everyone and he adores children. I look forward to our journey together and each day he amazes me with his love and devotion. It’s a shame so many people misunderstand the breed and cast them aside, thinking they deserve to die. They want nothing more then to be a loyal companion. Any dog has the potential to harm a person, knowing your dog and not setting them up to fail is key. Education is important and the more people who advocate for the breed the greater the chance the breed will no longer be feared.

  50. Johnny Insco says:

    I know I’ve had 5 pitbulls since I was young @ all of them were great Dogs my last one I’ll Tell you a lil about he was so caring in love able ,and I promise about this ,his name was Hurrican he could say I LOVE YOUUU it was awesome he was the smartest Dog I have ever seen . I had him 4 lil over 10 yrs before some scumbag stole my son ,and the good lord above knows I wanted to hurt,hurt whoever did it just how could someone stile or hurt or kill any Dog its B.S

  51. Sharon says:

    I have 3 pitbulls, and I trust them with my life. I have a 3 year old granddaughter and they are so great with her. This breed is so misunderstood. I have family members that are prejudice of this breed, but I don’t care. They know my dogs and they think they are great. But they still have there opinions. Thanks for sharing, the pictures are great. I have some awesome pictures. Maybe one day this world we live in will get their act together.

  52. Natalie Davis says:

    I just want to say Thank You for publishing this article! I have already shared it with everyone on Facebook and I hope they do the same thing. It’s important to spread the TRUTH about this breed, and if only one person changes their opinion about this breed then the article has done its job. My husband and I had our beloved pit-bull Tony for almost 11 years before he passed away, and we still say that we’ll never have a dog like him. He was the best dog we’ve ever had and he will always hold a special place in our heart for being such a “big baby”!!! Thanks again for such a great article!

  53. Sheila Mahon says:

    I love PITTYS – they are the BEST!
    We need to be as tenacious as the haters to restore the publics perception about this wonderful breed.

  54. Matt says:

    I am 23 I grew up with pit bills in the house. My mom still has 3.5. 3 pure breed one mix. and a black lab. when I am able to get a dog. Pit bull is the breed for me.

  55. vickee says:

    i have a rescue pit named lexi and she’s just the sweetest and kindest dog ever. she was abused before she ended up at the pound. nursed back to health and tested for possible aggressions as a result of the abuse – and passed with flying colors. lexi is a people dog and loves to be around humans. no matter what you do and for all these years that she’s been with us, i have never ever heard lexi growl at anything. i have another large dog about the same size as lexi and two chihuahuas, and they all get along just fine. my two chihuahuas are always around lexi, plays with her and growls and intimidates lexi a lot of times, but there has never been a sign of any aggressions whatsoever from lexi. i totally agree as far as punishing the owners who turned these lovable beautiful breeds into ferocious creatures. let’s give them back their rightful place as the nanny dog for our kids. i love all the pictures. thank you very much for posting them.

  56. Ashlie Kinney says:

    I have quite a bit of experience with pit bulls. One of my cousins has a pitbull named Zoe and she’s the sweetest dog in the world. She cuddles just like in these pictures and keeps me quite warm when I sleep with her. The most harm she could ever do to anyone is to lick them to death. The only time I could ever see her being violent is if a family member or close family friend were in perrill and she was there to witness it. Another one of my cousins works with dogs at a training facility and there is a HUGE pitbull there. His head is probably bigger then you can imagine with a body to match. So. Much. Muscle. He’s protective but if he likes you then no one is allowed near you and will nip you in the butt to let you know “hey!! You’re my new best friend :D ” I love that dog and would never be afraid of a pitbull that was raised right. Like so many people have said; pitbulls don’t have to be a violent breed. If you raise them well then you will find that they are EXTREMELY amazing dogs. People who fight them should be punished severly and never allowed to own a pet again, not even a fish!!

  57. alisa austin says:

    i own 2 pitbulls mom and son..they are my babies..i have owned other breeds and i have to say pitties are my favorite..they are loving and loyal and down right human at times..my brin knows when someone is sick befor they do he also knows when my grandniece is going to have a seizure at least 24hrsbefor.they love children ,cats,pretty much everyone and everything they come in contact with.once upon a time i was leary of pits ,but then these two came into my life..and well what can i say ,my heart belongs to them..by the way brin is terrified of ladybugs 80lbs of pit runs and hides from a ladybug…i cant imadgin my life without these 2 ..they are a never ending sourse of love and entertainment..

  58. What an awesome way to get word out to the public that these precious animals are NOT a danger to anyone unless they are in the wrong hands! I have been a HUGE Pitbull advocate for many years and have recently made a blind/deaf Pitbull named Chance the mascot for my rescue! He’s everything my rescue stands for. You can check out the link to our Petfinder website and look under the adopted pets to see this awesome boy! Vicious? If you call sitting on your lap so he can get some attention being vicious, then yes…I suppose he is! Or, if you call spinning in circles because he knows there is someone close to him and he might get a little petting, then yes…he is vicious. I trust this dog more than I do a Chihuahua mix that I have in my rescue! I have a Jack Russell terrier that’s even worse! Of the three dogs though, we all know who the public would deem as aggressive. It’s SO not true though. Chance, along with the other Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes in my rescue are really great dogs! All are loving toward people and thrive on love and attention! Thank you for getting this message out to people! I only wish I could add my Chance boy’s picture to the great pictures you already have!

  59. Krys says:

    My brother, who is paralyzed, owns a pit that he adopted. The best dog he has ever owned! This dog even got along with my American Bulldog, whom he had never met until that day, and it was a blast watching the two of them play together for hours on end.
    If BSL was not in my area, I would get one. STOP BSL now!!!! These are NOT dangerous dogs, only under the hands of neglectful and dangerous owners.


  60. Shawna says:

    I have two pit bulls, a male red nose and an American female, my babies! I also have four children who all grew up with this dogs. My children could do ANYTHING to those dogs and they will take every bit of it in stride. People need to quit raise them to be vicious, let them be the sweet nature dogs they really are! Best dogs every, will never have another breed, well maybe a Boxer, LoL…; }

    If you need I also have plenty of pics with my kids and my so called “mean bred of dogs!” I would love to share and show the world how these animals truly are, AMAZING!!!

  61. Amy Jackson says:

    I sure do love my rescue Bully Dog Leeloo….I have never known a Dog so sweet and smart.

  62. Carl Welday says:

    I have and still tell people that how a dog behaves depends on how it is treated. If it gets love, it will return love. If it doesn’t receive love, well you can guess.

  63. I have a pit that is a wonderful part of my family. Did I mention she loves children !!!!!

  64. Amy Webster Oliver says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this article and the pics as well. We have 3 and 2 are 10 month old pups. Worst thing my guys do is chase the cat and the 4 yr old Pitty girl is terrified of the cat, ( a cat that is toothless and declawed no less). We dont have little kids in the house anymore but we have little neighbor kids and tell them all the time to play in front of the house, my pups love to watch them, and so want to go play, but they are still to rambunctious to go out and play with them. PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED!!

  65. Jennifer Lewis says:

    Lovely website to say the very least….This pictures were just abousolutely gorgeous and adorable. I am a new Pitbull owner myself. Yes, because of the raunchy breeders who use them for status or fighting and the biased opinons of the news casters who only seem to want to share the ugly of this breed, I was a bit skeptical. I picked my Romeo aka Ro Ro up at his breeders home. Poor dog has been between 3 homes already as they could not care for him. I fell in love immediately. I am determined to get a Juliet. I have four children ranging from 4 to 15. He looks after all of us. He’s our shadow. He’s such a big baby. What I love the most…he can be sleeping, snoring and whimpering in his sleep and if something is heard unfamiliar he’s up in seconds, barks, locates the noise and will just stand there watching. I feel so safe. Very obediant and can be commanded well and learn new ones fairly quickly. When someone visits they are instantly thrown off and I have to take a few minutes to convince them he’s a good dog. Pitbulls need more positive attention. They don’t deserve the reputation they have and I gotta tell ya, if someone unknown comes into my home and my dog latches on his/her leg or arm….good boy for protecting us.

  66. Matthew says:

    My wife and I now have 5….yes 5 dogs, guess how many are pitbulls? 3 are pitbulls and they are the biggest babies and the silliest dogs ever and I love them. We also have a pug and a mix and they all get along perfectly. We live in a small town and we walk out dogs down the tow path of the The Erie Canal where many people walk their dogs, we have never had an issue with our dogs but others peoples dogs. Pitbulls need to be pulled out of the gutter as bad dog, it’s unbelievable that states are outlawing these dogs and killing them on the spot because of the people who fight them. People need to wake up.

  67. Melissa Jewell says:

    Every pit we have owned over the years have been highly loving, intelligent, loyal, and non-threatening to anyone…

    The 1 we have now is a 5 yo I rescued abt 4 yrs ago. Got her when she was abt 9-10 months old from the local pound. She is gentle w/ kids, wants to “prey drive” chase cats, but taught her “no”, so now she just sniffs at 1 if it gets that close. lol Everywhere we go on walks, ppl always want to pet her, they ask about her, etc. She loves any attention;)

    I swear- these pound puppies just KNOW you saved them! Extreme loyalty=Pit Bulls. BUT being of the Terrier line, and having such powerful jaws, like all breeds, some are dog reactive and do want to fight other dogs, so we need to be responsible owners, and not let the dog reactive types off lead!!!

    Personally, I would never own a dog that tried to fight other dogs…but some ppl will and do…and to those ppl, I say: Respect the breed! Realize what you’re dealing with, cause ya can’t take the fight out of “some” of them….I know- I know- just like a ton of other breeds!!!

    Poodles and the Chi’s, the lil 1′s are the worst! lol They’re just not going to do that much damage. Pits are strong, and they have long endurance traits…so IF your dog does meet head to head w/ another pit, and they fight, it will not be pretty! Trust me…I broke ours up 2x’s w/ the 1 who came charging out of his backyard at us. It was soooo bloody, when it was all said and done, I threw up. Our dog broke both the other dogs front legs, tore off a pc of his ear, and gashed open his chest:’( He was simply protecting himself, and of course- me.

  68. Dori Einhorn says:

    I love this blog! I was writing to ask your permission to use some of this blog’s information in a Nanny Dog Blog I’d like to write. I was also hoping to use some of the photos. Please let me know if it’s ok and I can use some of the photos, please let me know which ones are ok to use.
    Feel free to check out our website, http://www.EinhornInsurance.com. We are proud pit bull owners and work with over 50 Pit Bull Rescues. We help pit bull owners get insurance to cover their dogs (even if the dogs are deemed dangerous). We’ve kept hundreds of dogs with their families and we’ve helped hundreds of pits get adopted by providing their human parents with insurance.
    Thanks again for the blog and for actually writing intelligently. So refreshing!

  69. Daniel says:

    My daughter has pit mix pink nose female and she had two baby since picking up Silk from an abandoned house. Silk will not let anything happen to either of the kids. She senses when there is danger and always warns my daughter to look out the window to either check on the car or on the neighbors property. She is always alert to any noise outside the house. She is a real watch dog and could not be any more protective of the family.

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