Astoundingly, for most of our history America’s nickname for Pit Bulls was “The Nanny Dog”. For generations if you had children and wanted to keep them safe you wanted a pit bull, the dog that was the most reliable of any breed with children or adults.
The Nanny Dog is now vilified by a media that always wants a demon dog breed to frighten people and LHASA-APSO BITES MAN just doesn’t sell papers. Before pit bulls it was Rottweilers, before Rottweilers it was Dobermans, and before them German Shepherds. Each breed in it’s order were deemed too vicious and unpredictable to be around people. Each time people wanted laws to ban them. It is breathtakingly ironic that the spotlight has turned on the breed once the symbol of our country and our national babysitter.
In temperance tests (the equivalent of how many times your kid can poke your dog in the eye before it bites him) of all breeds the most tolerant was the Golden Retriever. The second most tolerant was the pit bull.
Pit Bull’s jaws do not lock, they do not have the most powerful bite among dogs (Rottweilers have that honor) they are not naturally human aggressive (in fact pit bull puppies prefer human company to their mother’s two weeks before all other dogs), and they feel as much pain as any other breed (accidentally step on one’s toe and you’ll see).
The most tolerant, patient, gentle breed of dogs is now embarrassingly portrayed as the most dangerous. It would be funny if the new reputation did not mean 6,000 are put to death every day, by far the highest number of any other breed euthanized.
That’s a lot of babysitters.
(Pictured: As you’ll see, from the richest to the poorest and everything in between, in America the pit bull was the dog for kids. Don’t miss the little boy in the goat cart at the end. He’s priceless.)

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The Cruelest Trick Ever Played On A Breed Of Dog
For Over 100 Years Americans Knew Exactly What Pit Bulls Represented. America.
There’s Only One Difference Between These Two Dogs. Their Owners.
You’re Facing A German Shepherd, A Rottweiler, a Doberman Pincher, And A Pit Bull. All Things Being Equal, Which Is The Least Likely To Bite You?

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  1. Danny says:

    Thank you. Our Staffy is considered vicious just because of the way she looks. how ever she will attack you with tons of licks and rolling over to get belly rubs. I cant stand the stereo type of these dogs of all the dogs i have been around i have never seen a vicious Staffy.

  2. Michelle Hynes says:

    I have owned a german shepherd , a doberman pincher , and now I am the proud owner of pitbulls . They are by far the best pets I’ve had . They are obedient , loving and very tolerant . I have a cat who thinks she is a pitbull , and is constantly attacking my female. My actual pitbull , runs away from her yelping in fear. They are SO SCARY, these dogs. Mine is a scaredy cat….lol. I love her to death , and I know she loves me. I would not trade her for anything. It is not the dog , but the owner , that makes the any breed vicious . Don’t be hating the Pitbull , or any other dog for that matter. They ARE man’s best friend , that is why they will do anything to please their owners.Thanks for letting me vent on this subject. Michelle

    • Andrea says:

      This is so funny! I have a pit who is terrified of my two older cats (who can blame her with all the bops to the head shes taken) and the youngest cat and my pooch are BFF’s! I grew up with Whippets and because of that I always thought they were the sweetest dogs made (which dont get me wrong, they still are in the top 10) but this dog takes the cake. What even more remarkable is that we found her abandoned and tied to a tree and thought for sure she would be “aggressive” but, nope…shes a loyal ball of love!

    • Amanda says:

      You are so right when you say its not the dog but the owner. I do not personally own pitts i have a golden , but i have several friends who are proud pit bull parents, and like your little girl my friends little female (Kota) is the sweetest dog you will ever meet and is also a scardy cat (my friend also owns a pig) and runs in terror every time the pig trys to attack her. People really need to read articles and comments on these articles and become more educated before they blame these beautful creatures for something that is not their fault.

  3. Lily Denyer says:

    this is why they must stop putting pitbulls down! they only ended up agressive because their owners made them that way!

  4. Carrie says:

    I would just like to say that as a HUGE Pit Bull supporter, lover, and owner, I really appreciate your blogs about the breed. I have been trying for years to get people to understand how slighted these dogs are, especially over the last 25 years. I work for a rescue/vet clinic and we see hundreds of Pits and mixes brought in over the course of several months. None of which has shown any aggression towards us or the other dogs at the kennel. Please keep writing. Thanks!

  5. Jena Paonessa says:

    Is this ever the truth!!! We have two pitties and they are the most loving, wonderful and gentle dogs on the planet. We got our huge Jonah when my daughter was only three months old and he immediately took to her as her keeper, even though everyone told me I was crazy for letting this “awful beast” with a head bigger than mine anywhere near my newborn. When I went into labor my Xena sat by my bed all night becuase she new what was happening even before I did. When I am sick both dogs will come lay with me and stay until I am better. There will always be a special place in my heart for pit bulls and I will continue to adopt them, never from a breeder; there are far two many who need homes like Jonah and Xena. People are who put these dogs to shame! Shame on everyone who neglects and mistreats these wonderful animals. They are my family and I will keep fighting for them.

  6. Shana says:

    I went to a vet tech school for a while. Do you know what dogs were always the most loveable? Pit Bulls. This was after they were rescued from being used as bait dogs or breeding dogs at puppy mills. They would play with us and follow us around. One of the dogs, Selma, would try to sit on your lap and cuddle with you. They really are sweet dogs (although being accidentally hit by a wagging tail would hurt a bit).

  7. kevin says:

    I love whan you did to this page. Its full of honesty and beautiful pics of a great breed of dog. I know a lot of people in the past year alone adopting pit’s from shelters and their so friendly and gentle. Of course some may have PTSD and one would have to get use to it and help the pup out. Tho pit’s aren’t my fave of dogs, their on my top list.

  8. Alma says:

    I have met many Pit Bulls and observed them all. Not one of them had a mean bone in it’s body. so sad what people do to animals, and each other.

  9. Pam says:


  10. Patty Cuoco-Schoen says:

    This is outstanding! My daughter had a pit bull for 14 years. Charlie was the most wondeful, loving pet! Thank you for this great site!

  11. Shelley says:

    I had the privilege of being owned by a pit bull for 9 years …. he was the best dog in the world and I miss him every day (he’s been gone 10 years!)

  12. Bob Barth says:

    sooooooo true about the pit .i myself have had four of better than the other .smart, loyle and brave .and they have all been around chrildren.people who take the mean out of them should be locked in cages or thick chains around their necks.i have yet to see any dog snap back after they were tourchered. it just makes me sick to see what people do to these dogs . But yet they will still put there lives on the line for the same people who abused them!!!!!!!!wow whos the bad ones.Thanks

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  15. Thank you for this beautiful article and photos. I am so saddened by places like Denver that bans pit bulls, even the well trained service dogs. It’s shockingly narrow minded and just so wrong.

  16. chad says:

    i love my pittie

  17. sara phelps says:

    pitbulls have more care than most people and take better damn care of kids than there dope head parents do !!!!!!

  18. Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

  19. Aunt Edna, calling from Lawrence Welk Village says:

    Thank you for the educated kindness. I’m not a pit owner, not even a dog owner currently, but I HATE what idiot owners have done to these innocents.

  20. Kay Boling says:

    I LOVE my sweet little pound-puppy pit!

    She is the most gentle , loving dog ever.

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  22. grace says:

    i have been around many different breeds of dogs, and i have been around pits in many different environments. i have been around pits that were tied to 50 lb chains so it would “toughen them up” and i could still walk up to that unfamiliar dog to pet it and it would be just a very happy puppy. i meant no ill will toward it and i did not show fear, only pity that it would be treated so cruelly. i have also seen pits become extremely fierce, but it was always due to a child or its family being threatened in some manner. personally i think they are pretty decent judges of character, moreso than most humans. pits will not become aggressive unless provoked. some are just trained to become provoked more easily than others.

  23. amber anderson says:

    I have 8 gotti-staffishire pittbulls my male the daddy 2 my pups is related 2 petey the pittbull on the little rascalls they r very well tempered & r the most yinteligent dogs ive ever had n my life they r very good around my 4 kids my 2 cats & my parot anny type of dog will turn on u its all n the owners & how they r treated I wouldn’t trade my dogs 4 nuthin…….they r my family & my children as well….

  24. Thank you, I’ve been looking for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have found so far.

  25. Dog Hats says:

    I have been exploring for a little bit for any high quality articles or blog posts in this kind of house . Exploring in Yahoo I ultimately stumbled upon this web site. Studying this info So i am glad to express that I’ve a very good uncanny feeling I came upon just what I needed. I such a lot indisputably will make certain to do not overlook this web site and give it a glance on a constant basis.

  26. YWGROSSMAN says:

    It’s the owner, not the dog. But thanks for your support.

  27. JJacobson says:

    All dogs have accidents, sometimes a faulty wire is crossed, nature is far from perfect – but this happens with all breeds, it just so happens that pit bulls, german shepherds, dobermans are the only one vilified for it.. Animal planet did a thing about top 100 dogs to be most likely to bite, and 96-98 was the Amstaff(pitbull), and dogs like, labs, and chihuahua, dalmation were up on the top.

  28. Sandra says:

    I just found your link and LOVE it. I am a huge pit bull lover and advocate for the breed! Keep up the phenomenal work!

  29. Scooby Doo says:

    This is the best dog site ever!!!!!

  30. Barbara sellers says:

    I didn’t know what pitbulls were called b4 I read this but it makes since as I recall watching petie on the little rascals . But I have always admired the big breed of dogs they r smart I have been working in a
    Verterinary clinic both wig Drs. & grooming for
    25 years I have NEVER been bitten by any of these breed. And mind u my face has been alll up n there’s . I have been bitten by cocker, shihzu, spitz, chi, & a lospsa alsa . People always condemn what they hear from other people with getting facts themselves. If of these breeds happen 2′bite 99 percent of the time it’s NOT caused by aggression

  31. Sandra Cullen says:

    After reading this made me realized how much i missed my pit/bulldog mis named Dixie Girl. She was a great pitbull i have ever owned. Before we got her my husband was skeptical about getting a pitbulls because what he was “told” about this breed and how bad they are but I had different opinion…..I told h im that I have own a pitbulls in the past and known my friends used to own them to that they are not aggressive that they are loveable and so loyal to owners and for him not to judge right away and try to give this puppy (Dixie Girl) a chance, so we brought her home then since day one my husband and Dixie had bonded right away and they was unseperable (of course sometimes she pushes me away from me when we cuddle lol) till the end. Now every time he sees someone has a pitbull all he will talk and brag about her and how great she was and all. So yeah we missed her and want to thanks for posting the postive side of this wonderful breed!

  32. I’m wondering how I might be advised whenever a brand new post has been made.

  33. Well, this is new for me. Am glad to find something who sees what i see. Keep this just like its going. You are doing greate, and i´ll be reading always this blog.

  34. Kalyn says:

    Really enjoy the modern appear. I really liked this article. Bless you for your cool blog post.

  35. Tammy Hanrahan says:

    It’s ALWAYS the owner, & how the dog is raised!! We’ve had two pit mix dogs, & they are the best in the world! It’s so sad that this breed gets such a bad rap! Maybe if we can get more things like this out there, we can turn it around!!

  36. DE Davies says:

    Every PBT I have met has been a mushy, cannot-get-enough-of-you, 60 pound lap dog. (I just adopted a pit-x, who is lovely.) BTW, another great info website for PBT’s is BAD RAP, a PBT rescue organization in the Bay Area of CA. (They took on and rehabilitated some of MV’s “fighting” dogs. Their stories are amazing!) PBT’s are “human” friendly because they are hard-wired to be that way. Hundreds of years of careful breeding went into cultivating a powerful hunting terrier that could take on large game (eg., a bear or a boar), but could come home and sit quietly at their master’s feet or play with their children. Unfortunately these powerful, friendly dogs are now suffering from a reputation thrust upon them by a sensationalistic media and by dog fighters who would exploit, over-breed, abuse, starve and kill them for sport. PBT’s are not walking weapons, but rather victims who need PROTECTION, not vilification. Thank you for your website.

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  38. Jackie says:

    This article and the photos below reminded me of tales long forgotten of my father, a toddler in suburban New Jersey in the 1930′s. He spoke of a pit bull that he called his babysitter who minded him in the yard while his mother did housework. If he strayed too far, the dog would pick him up by his sunsuit and haul him back to safety. There was no arguing, the dog had the final word and he would just have make his peace with it. My grandmother never minded all the repairs to his sunsuits, one just couldn’t find a more reliable sitter or one that would work for kibbles. Thanks for bringing those lost memories back. Now, if I could just remember that dog’s name.

  39. hyip says:

    Great goods from you, man. FOR OVER ONE HUNDRED YEARS AMERICANS KNEW PIT BULLS FOR WHAT THEY DID BEST. BABYSITTING. | Yonah Ward Grossman I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely wonderful. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep it smart. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is actually a terrific FOR OVER ONE HUNDRED YEARS AMERICANS KNEW PIT BULLS FOR WHAT THEY DID BEST. BABYSITTING. | Yonah Ward Grossman informations.

  40. John says:

    Thanks for spreading the truth. It’s so easy for people to get caught up in the constant cycle of bad news and focus on the few unfortunate incidents and vilify an entire breed. And I may be biased since I own a deaf pibble, but they’re one of the most intelligent, loyal, and loving dog breeds in the world. Shame on the bad owners and punks who bring disrepute to these sweet dogs.

  41. Jamie James says:

    The “Nanny Dog?” Why do you think Pit Bulls were the dog of choice to “babysit” kids? It wasn’t because they were warm and cuddly; it was because they had the capability to frighten and do severe physical damage to anyone they perceived as a threat to their “pack,” i.e., the children. Pit Bulls are dangerous because they are physically capable of a level and intensity and strength of violence that most other dogs are not. They should be banned. Your post buttresses my position and undermines your own.

  42. YWGROSSMAN says:

    Be my guest, Andrew!

  43. Theresa says:

    it is so true. and so sad. pit bulls have such a bad rep and they are the most loyal loving dog EVER. i Have 3 and they are the biggest babies. its stupid humans who give them that bad rep because of the idiots who train the dogs to fight. the only reason they are such good fighting dogs is because they are that loyal to their master that if they are trained to do something their master wants they will do it 100% to satisfy them. don’t blame the breed. blame the deed. and the people who create the dogs to be aggressive.

  44. YWGROSSMAN says:

    Many thanks, Schnell!

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